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【T H I N G S】

• Start to clean/go through in my drafts ... I really have to..i'm not kidding it's so much in there T▽T
• Start to tag old post(i can always see how long time it takes until i question if it was a good idea lol ◑‿◐)

愛在黑暗X光明 "Love is brightest in the dark"
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Call me soli, and i'm in the 92line, yo

• B2ST- my family
• B1A4- my best friends
• BTOB- my brothers
• EXO- my high school classmates that ruined my life ◡‿◡
• BIGBANG(GDRAGON)- my friends i have had for a long time that i respect and love
•ATLA/LOK- my feels

... and Yoseob, is my 사 in 사랑
go forth //
You: W-
Me: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world


in the verge of sneezing but then you’re like-